Office Subscription


Nowadays, more and more companies are stocking their offices with meals for their employees. As competition to be the next best place to work ramps up, you need to be at the top of your game to make sure the best and the brightest will come work for you.

Yet planning out things such as office meals can be a real pain and can get expensive quickly. Signing up for a Noodie subscription is a great way to deal with this problem. We provide office meals that are convenient to prepare, store and order. We send it straight to your office whenever you need. All you need to do is choose what you want and they will take care of the rest.


Noodie Deluxe ($33.60)

  • 1 Protein Noodle + 1 Soup + 1 Veggie Cube

  • $5.60 Per Serving

  • Pack of 6 Servings

Noodie Mini ($42.00)

  • 1 Protein Noodle + 1 Soup Packet (minus veggie cube)

  • $3.50 Per Serving

  • Pack of 12 Servings