Sick of grease-stained pizza boxes and cartons of take-out clogging up your trash can? Too drained from a long day at work to summon up the energy to cook dinner? Find yourself reaching all too often for that trusty packet of instant ramen, only to end up feeling bloated from sodium and remorse? It’s time to banish those soggy carbs laced with MSG from the menu.

What if you could enjoy the convenience and comfort of instant noodles without the guilt? We created Noodie Ramen for those who need quick, nutritious, ultra-tasty meals to fit into our jam-packed schedules. They’re instant noodles, but not what we’re accustomed to. We've traveled the world to learn about ramen, and bring new technologies and tastes to your table top.

Good food takes time, but we do the meal preparation for you. All you have to do is add hot water. Noodie Ramen enhances your life so you can live it.